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You can save money without sacrificing performance and reliability by purchasing refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment from Southwestern Imaging Systems & Service (SWISS). We offer a comprehensive selection of fully refurbished diagnostic imaging equipment. Each system is carefully chosen, refurbished and tested to ensure optimal quality and performance.

You can count on every piece of equipment sold by SWISS to be refurbished in strict adherence to manufacturer specifications. In addition, all SWISS refurbished systems are fully supported and warrantied by the company’s own service team, ensuring reliability and cost effectiveness over the life of the system. SWISS provides a minimum one-year warranty for refurbished systems—covering all necessary service and maintenance—reducing operating costs even more.

Key advantages of SWISS refurbished imaging systems:

  • Significant cost savings as compared to new OEM systems
  • Like-new quality with a high level of operational uptime
  • Lower costs for maintenance contracts compared to ones offered by OEMs

For further assurance, contact a SWISS systems expert for 10 simple questions that help you make the right decision when choosing a medical imaging system that works for you.

SWISS makes it possible to expand and improve your on-site capabilities without the need to purchase a new, more expensive system. Get started with Cardiac PET equipment for $50,000 or less, with site planning, project management, and installation services also included. SWISS Cardiac PETs provide a cost-effective solution for increasing efficiency and improving diagnostic scans with fewer false positives compared to SPECT units. Not only do SWISS Cardiac PETs improve diagnostic accuracy, but also lower radiation exposure to the patient and technologist. Additionally, scans from these cardiac PET systems take approximately only 45 minutes to complete—saving time as well as cost.

Our refurbished Siemens PET imaging platform features high-resolution Positron Emission Tomography (PET), multi-detector ring scanners. These systems provide both 2D and 3D acquisition and reconstruction in both static and dynamic modes. These refurbished SWISS Cardiac PET systems also provide whole-body scanners for neurology and oncology imaging and diagnosis.

Contact an expert for more information about getting started with SWISS PET equipment for $50,000 or less.

CardiacPET System

Features and benefits of Siemens Cardiac PET imaging:

  • Fast acquisition and reconstruction for faster turnover of scans
  • 3D image lowers dose exposures for both patient and staff
  • Upgraded to perform cardiac imaging and quantitative diagnostics
  • Updated for coronary flow reserve imaging
  • Provides for a higher level of information
  • Eligible for higher reimbursement as compared to SPECT scans
  • Allows for cardiac studies and whole-body scanning

There are many advantages associated with PET-CT equipment. First and foremost, a single PET-CT system provides the work of two conventional systems. These advanced, dual-operation systems combat the cost of owning and maintaining additional systems, or having to perform multiple medical procedures.

SWISS offers refurbished GE 4, 8, 16, and 64 PET-CT systems. These imaging systems feature the integration of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Computed Tomography (CT) technologies into one powerful scanner. With PET-CT systems, you rely on excellent image quality for performing a wide range of routine studies, as well as research studies. In addition, these PET-CT systems can be fully optimized for cardiology applications.

Features and benefits of GE PET-CT include:

  • 4-, 8-,16-, and 64-slice availability
  • 70cm wide bore with 450lb. patient weight capacity
  • 1600mm range for full-body scans
  • Optional advanced software applications available

Our completely refurbished dual-head systems make nuclear cardiology services a low investment option with drastically reduced start-up costs when compared to buying new. We provide the IT expert assistance and hotlab help to meet your archiving and reading room needs. By upgrading antiquated systems with SWISS, we enable departments to run smoother while increasing uptime and simplifying archiving processes. These systems are designed with a small footprint to conserve overall square footage, and are available with modern window-based software.

Refurbished dual-head systems make it easy to offer nuclear cardiology services right in your own office. Whether you’re considering offering in-house nuclear cardiology services for the first time, or expanding existing services, SWISS makes nuclear cardiology a user- and patient-friendly solution that adds to the efficiency and profitability of your operation.

Working with you, SWISS will deliver the best match of a refurbished scanner to your needs. We also provide site planning and installation of the scanner. You can count on the reliability of any SWISS system, since it has already passed a rigorous checklist and exceeds factory specifications. SWISS also guarantees a 95% uptime on any refurbished systems, which includes our scheduled preventive maintenance program.

For optimal operational flexibility, our dual-headed scanners can perform MPI studies as well.

Patient comfort is also addressed by SWISS. Each system comes with new armrest, knee support, and table pad. Patient images can be transferred easily and securely to a reading room, and data can be archived using Windows-based software.

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