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Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Equipment, Made Easy.

We focus on helping facilities improve cost and time efficiencies, patient throughput, and the patient experience. Download this free company overview for more information about Southwestern Imaging and explore our capabilities.

About Southwestern Imaging

We started Southwestern Imaging Systems & Service (SWISS) in 2002 with the singular goal of being a reliable and trustworthy provider of sales and services to the medical imaging field. Through the years, we have built a team of experienced imaging equipment engineers, technicians and support personnel that is committed to meeting the changing demands of our customers. We strive to offer affordable diagnostic equipment and support services to meet those demands.

Our goal is to ensure customers are treated equitably. We charge competitive rates for our services and never push services, packages or equipment that are not the right fit for your organization or operation. We have built SWISS for the long term, with customer relationships developed based on responsiveness, integrity and mutual respect.

We service a wide range of imaging equipment on a contract basis, ensuring system availability and long-term reliability. We also supply the parts needed by our customers and offer a selection of refurbished imaging equipment for purchase. For service, parts and imaging equipment sales, we focus on the following:

  • MRI
  • PET-CT
  • Cardiac PET
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Nuclear Cardiology

At SWISS, we understand the “one size fits all” approach other OEMs and providers take is often not consistent with the unique, individualized needs of our customers. Instead of forcing our customers to work “our way,” we provide products and services in a way that work for you.

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