COVID 19 – PPE Face Shield

The current situation with COVID 19 shows us we must support our friends and colleagues in the medical field. The urgent need of PPE is vital for their health and ability to help others.

Also, this enables everyone who wants to make the same at home to get started with just a couple of tools and without a 3D printer.

Why use or produce our design?

  1. More comfortable to wear for hours
  2. Keep the headband and only replace the shield
  3. The shield material is a Film used for overhead projectors.  It is cheap, light and available in high quantities and easy to replace.  It can be used several times after being disinfected.
  4. Please use a  3 hole punch that makes 13/32” holes.  Just punch the holes and snap on the headband.

We have already donated multiple Face Shields.

In an effort to enable everyone to help their community and local hospitals we are sharing all the files you will need to get started.   if you have a 3D printer, or get an already made silicone mold from SWISS.  All of the tutorials on how to make these shields are on our YouTube channel including where to buy the material.


Finished Face Shield, all done for you! –> Swiss Online Store

Face Shield replacement Film –> Amazon Link
Elastic replacement band –> Amazon Link

3 hole punch 13/32″ holes–> Amazon Link

How to DIY tuturials:

Swiss 3D printer STL file, download –> swiss_headband-rc1

Original 3D design from Prusa 3D Printer Files


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